WPLapdance Plugin Review and Download

As you probably already know, WordPress is the #1 way to create a blog/website on the entire internet with over 32 Million users and counting.

Chances are that you already have a WordPress site of your own. I must start out by saying that this has got to be one of the coolest ideas I’ve seen for WordPress in the past year!

Let me introduce you to a brand new WordPress plugin developed by Devon Brown called wpLapdance. I am using it on a few of my blogs and it is very clean and attractive and is fully customizable as an exit pop up. It will soon be added here at e-BizReview.com

This plugin is perfect for you if you are getting traffic to your WordPress Site (or blog), but your traffic isn’t converting into sales for you. Visitors come to your site, but they don’t click on any of your offers and no-one ever seems to buy anything.

Making money online really isn’t that hard. Here’s the bottom line… Most people don’t make a full-time income, let alone even a few extra bucks online because they don’t have the right tools to become successful.

What if i told you it will only take you 4 minutes to put an “awesome” new WordPress plug-in on your site and…BAM!! That same crappy site starts spitting out cash like an ATM Machine gone crazy! OK, you can stop imagining now, because what I just described can be REAL!

Is The WP LapDance Plug-in Easy To Use? You Bet!  Just 3 Easy Steps To Get Started!

  1. Install the plugin just like any other WordPress plugin – Point and click… It’s so easy a 6 year-old could do it!
  2. Decide whether you want to have text, an image, a clickable image, or even a video as your pop-up message… No more plain grey pop-up boxes (unless you want one). With WP Lapdance, you can insert whatever you like into your pop-up message using HTML.
  3. Save your selection and WP LapDance goes to work making you money or adding subscribers to your optin list right away!
  4. Unblockable, non-interfering exit pop

And the best part you can get WPLapdance for only $7 for a limited time. So what are you waiting for go check it out. Oh Yeah, Devon’s video might give you a laugh or two. Get yourself a copy of the plugin, use it for awhile and come back and visit us and share your comments and experiences with it.

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