Wordpress Tips At E-BizReviewFor all of you WordPress users, which is a very large majority of Bloggers and Internet Marketers on the Internet, I have started this page for you!  I want to bring you some my favorite blogs that I follow on a regular basis or blogs that have helped me further myself and improve my design skills in WordPress.

First up is a great blog that provides coding tips and tricks to hack WordPress. One I am implementing right now is truning my theme into a magazine style theme. Not this site obviously because this one is already a mag style theme. I know it would be much easier to just upgrade the theme on my other site but what would I actually learn by doing that? It won’t teach me anything new by just switching themes, however, if I build my own I can get to know WordPress just a little better and help set myself apart as a growin professional. And I am sure you would rather hear coding tips from someone that has actually used the code so they can help you personally if you have a question about something. I won’t keep you any longer, enjoy my blog and stop back often, don’t forget to subscribe to my RSS feed.

CatsWhoCode – Site is designed by Jean-Baptiste Jung (pronounce: Young), a 26 years old guy from Belgium thats writes CatsWhoCode to share his experience of blogging, design and web development with others atound the web.

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