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You have probably tried other products and other business opportunities that did not reward you. Or worse, there may have been a large, up front cost that made you lose money. Our products and business opportunity have been successful and helped others because they really work. It’s as simple as that. Listen to our valued Members share their stories and discover why people choose Life Force.

For over 26 years, Life Force has been providing exceptional nutritional products and an incredible incentive to share them. The combination of stellar products and powerful business opportunity has allowed people all over the world to achieve tremendous success with Life Force International . We offer you an opportunity to help the people you care about live a life of better health and have more financial security. Take a look at this video and learn why people all over the world have been able to realize their dreams through Life Force.

Take a quick look at this video of the Life Force International Opportunity

What is Body Balance?

Body Balance is a whole food phytonutritient supplement that provides over 120 of the naturally occurring nutrients proven to be required for optimal health. Body Balance is a proprietary blend of nine sea vegetables in organically grown Aloe vera.

Body Balance contains 74 minerals, 23 vitamins, 21 amino acids, 7 enzymes, and 3 essential fatty acids in their natural liquid format

Today’s processed and cooked foods defeat nutritional needs.

  • Over-worked farmlands are depleted. Vital nutrients that we need are not in the soil and cannot be in crops grown on them.
  • Minerals cannot be created by any living being. We must get our minerals from what we eat on a daily basis.

The importance of minerals cannot be overstated. They are necessary for enzymes, the organic catalysts of your body’s biological activities. Without necessary minerals, often in trace amounts, systems fail.

What can be the consequences of empty foods? Here are just a few: Arthritis, Premature Aging, Obesity, Auto Immune Diseases, Osteoporosis, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Cancer, Heart Disease.

Life Force International has sold over 5 million quarts of Body Balance. For more than 26 years Body Balance has been recommended and used by more than 6,000 Health Care Practitioners.

Body Balance is sold only through independent representatives. If you are looking for an outstanding financial opportunity, get aboard this fast-moving train!

Try a Quart of Body Balance  and see for yourself.

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