Video Squeeze Templates Are HOT!


Why Squeezepages Are Essential To Your Online Business. What the heck is a squeeze page?  Very simply put, a squeeze page is a web page that requires input from the viewer before allowing them to see what is inside the site.

The goal is to gather data, typically a first name and an email address. This allows the site owner to market to the a new prospect via email.

If you offer any kind of product or service online, you will want to collect visitors’ names and email address.  Otherwise, you never know who has visited your site.  And you miss out on the key opportunity to follow up with them.

I hope you don’t make that mistake.

Squeeze pages are very common. But not all of them are effective.

In my experience, the best squeeze pages are those that feature video. After all, people tend to believe an offer more when they can read about it, hear about it AND see it.

However, many people don’t even know how to begin to create a video squeeze page.

They don’t understand the essential elements that persuade visitors to sign up and take action. The good news is that you don’t HAVE to learn how to do this…because its all been done for you!

Dan Nickerson has put together the most professional and comprehensive set of video squeeze page templates I have ever seen.

We’re talking dozens of great video squeeze page templates and a number of bonuses to sweeten the deal. It’s most definitely worth the price, so I would click the link below and take a look at what Dan has to offer.

P.S. – Dan is also tossing in his 22-Day Bootcamp as a FREE BONUS to this offer!  Seriously, this is a tremendous offer.  Do your squeeze pages RIGHT and watch your conversions increase!

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