Twitter Promoted Tweets Are Live


Twitter recently announced their new Promoted Tweets service. It’s non-traditional, it’s easy, and it makes a ton of sense for Twitter. This announcement is a long time coming and they are thrilled to finally be able to share it with you. As this project matures, there will be more to talk about. Twitter will learn a lot as the program grows.

What are Promoted Tweets?
The first phase of Promoted Tweets platform has a handful of innovative advertising partners that include Best Buy, Bravo, Red Bull, Sony Pictures, Starbucks, and Virgin America—with more to come. Promoted Tweets are ordinary Tweets that businesses and organizations want to highlight to a wider group of users. When big business takes action, those of us with small businesses need to be paying attention. Big businss doesn’t spend money unless they are convinced they will receive a return on investment.

What will users see with Promoted Tweets?
You will start to see Tweets promoted by our partner advertisers called out at the top of some search results pages. We strongly believe that Promoted Tweets should be useful to you. We’ll attempt to measure whether the Tweets resonate with users and stop showing Promoted Tweets that don’t resonate.

Promoted Tweets will be clearly labeled as “promoted” when an advertiser is paying, but in every other respect they will first exist as regular Tweets and will be organically sent to the timelines of those who follow a brand. Promoted Tweets will also retain all the functionality of a regular Tweet including replying, Retweeting, and favoriting. Only one Promoted Tweet will be displayed on the search results page.

How and Where do these Tweets Show up?

Since all Promoted Tweets are organic Tweets, there is not a single “ad” in our Promoted Tweets platform that isn’t already an organic part of Twitter. This is distinct from both traditional search advertising and more recent social advertising. Promoted Tweets will also be timely. Like any other Tweet, the connection between you and a Promoted Tweet in real-time provides a powerful means of delivering information relevant to you at the moment.

There is one big difference between a Promoted Tweet and a regular Tweet. Promoted Tweets must meet a higher bar—they must resonate with users. That means if users don’t interact with a Promoted Tweet to allow us to know that the Promoted Tweet is resonating with them, such as replying to it, favoriting it, or Retweeting it, the Promoted Tweet will disappear.

This is the first phase of Promoted Tweets and Before Twitter roll out more phases, they want to get a better understanding of the resonance of Promoted Tweets, user experience and advertiser value. Once this is done, they plan to allow Promoted Tweets to be shown by Twitter clients and other ecosystem partners and to expand beyond Twitter search, including displaying relevant Promoted Tweets in your time lines in a way that is useful to you.

If you aren’t on Twitter now is the time to sign up for your free account and learn how to leverage this social media juggernaut to grow your own business. And if you are on Twitter, it’s time to apply advanced strategies to take your social media presence to the next level.

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