The Future Of Local Search Starts With DNA!


directory-of-minneapolisThe Directory Network Association is growing and you are invited to a Free Webinar on the future of local search.

This time we’re growing with over 70 new U.K. domains and a re-release of North American and travel destination domains.

We’re doing the exact same thing this time around, starting with a webinar next Tuesday. The sale then starts at 12 noon EST on the 29th of January (one week from Today).

And the fireworks are going to be amazing!

Something big is about to be repeated!

Last fall a large network of local search directories was launched to challenge the old guard in local search and take local search global.

This Thursday, join us for a free webinar on the future of local search and the billions
which will be spent by local businesses all over the globe.

Your chance to grab a significant piece of the local search craze will be detailed on
this important call.

In the fall of 2008, a massive response took place after the first part of the local
search network was launched by Jack Humphrey, Mark Braunstein, and Monica Holbrook.

Many people were lucky enough to get on the call and hear about a big piece of the future
of the web. Many more were left out because they procrastinated or just didn’t hear about
it in time.

Don’t miss your chance to get in on this eye-opening presentation by Jack, Monica and
Mark on the future of search and how you can harness the power of coming trends to profit
from it.

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