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Exploit The Popularity Of ALL Of The Top Social Media Sites Online, post-socializer-plugin--smallInstantly!

One of the most frustrating aspects to online business is in just how time consuming the “marketing” tasks can be. Building your website, producing high quality content and even developing information products doesn’t take half the time that marketing your site can take. In fact, you could literally spend 8-12 hours a day just trying to keep up with social marketing campaigns!

That’s exactly what Post Socializer is set up to do. It not only builds traffic momentum so that your website is constantly hit with a steady flow of organic, quality traffic but it actually streamlines your business by automating your social marketing campaigns so that you can focus on turning visitors into buyers!

With this powerful plugin, all you really have to do is:

  • Upload & Activate The Post Socializer Plugin.
  • Spend less than 5 minutes configuring it (we will provide you with a simple, step-by-step guide so you’re up & running within minutes).
  • Automate your traffic campaigns so they go to work for you!

That’s it! Then set and forget it while you focus on building your business!

wordpress post socializer plugin

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As you know, Facebook is by far one of the most powerful mediums for connecting with potential customers.

After all:

  •  There are nearly a billion people on Facebook Worldwide
  •  The average person is on Faceebook for at least 15 hours each month
  •  That’s 700 billion minutes per month spent on The Social Network
  •  With 30 billion pieces of content shared each month
  • And 20 million Facebook apps installed every single day

So I have to ask you, what are you doing to capitalize on this unprecedented activity? Do you have a Fan Page? And if you do, is it powerful, engaging, and effective? Does it generate new fans and help you make sales? Or is your Fan Page just one of the millions, lost in the fray and ignored? Well now, you can make absolutely certain that your Fan Page stands out from the competition.

Click Here to Visit the WP4FB 2.0 site for more info

WP4FB 2.0 is the incredible follow up to WP4FB, which has been downloaded over 10,000 times. It lets you create Fortune 500 level Fan Pages, and do so for pennies on the dollar. This powerful WordPress Plugin gives you the ability to:

  • Easily create dynamic Fan Pages using a unique drag-and-drop system.
  • Add a stunning visual image slider to your Fan Page (how many pages have this? Currently, not many, so it’s a great way to differentiate yourself)
  • Choose from 12 premium Fan Page templates, each of which can be totally customized
  • Truly go viral, with a huge number of powerful viral tools, many of which have never-before-been seen.
  • And so much more.

–>>   http://e-bizreview.com/wp4fb20

Best of all, this plugin is completely compatible with WordPress/Facebook, and lets you customize your Fan Page in literally tens-of-thousands of different ways. WP4FB 2.0 just hit the market, and if you act now, you can still get it for a special introductory price. See everything else this plugin does, Once you’ve increased your fans ten-fold, you can write me back with a nice big THANK YOU. wp4fb-468x60

Viral Traffic Secrets Blueprint

Download our Brand New “FREE REPORT” That Reveals Secrets To How You Can Generate Massive Viral Traffic To Increase Your Profits!

Are you one of the 95% of marketers who are still struggling to drive targeted traffic to your website that converts to sales?

Now, you do not have to struggle any longer. There is finally an easy and quick solution to your traffic problems.

I have come up with a simple, quick and easy system to drive hordes of viral traffic of highly targeted visitors to your sites and make profits from them.

Even completely new marketers can easily learn how to drive quality targeted buying traffic to their sites that converts into sales.

I will reveal the exact step-by-step blueprint I use so that you can get viral traffic like crazy and increase your online earnings quickly and easily!

If you have been doing Internet marketing online, you know how important traffic is to your websites.Without traffic, it’s almost impossible to make any sales or profits.

The problem is, it’s not always easy to find a traffic generation method that works. Chances are you have already tried quite a few methods and have failed miserably.

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How Can You Benefit? 

  • Get huge floods of visitors from viral traffic to your websites almost instantly
  • Increase the exposure of your business, products or services quickly
  • Increase your earnings and finally make huge profits

…and much more!

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Viral Traffic Secrets Blueprint

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facebook optin application

The Facebook Optin App Is Pure Brilliance!

facebook optin application

Besides the autoresponder…this is, quite possibly, the most powerful list-building tool ever created! The Optin App allows you to use “Facebook Connect” Technology to get higher conversion rates and build a list of active, verified emails!

Why is Facebook Opt-in App such a big deal?…you might ask.

People trust Facebook and the name alone lends credibility to you and your business…

You’re NOT building a list of “throw away” email address that is rarely checked. You get their Official Facebook email address that they actually check every day and trust the email they receive there!

You can get a HIGHER optin rate than a simple optin form or squeeze page, because now all they have to do to subscribe is click on the “Connect with Facebook” button and click “Allow” and that’s it!

Watch Facebook App Video

facebook optin app - facebook approved

They NEVER have to enter their First Name, Last Name or even their email address. But you still get it!

Here’s exactly how it works:

Step #1: Enter the URL to Your Landing Page. This could be your download page, a sales page or any page you want your subscribers to go after they click allow.

Step #2: Enter the URL to Your Exit Page. You can send visitors to another page, maybe a regular optin page, if they don’t click allow.

Step #3: Enter a List Name from Your Autoresponder. Simply copy and paste the list name or campaign ID into the software. It supports 22 of the most popular autoresponders.

Go To The Official Facebook Optin App Page Here

I don’t know what your conversion rate is right now, and I can’t guarantee anything, but imagine if you could double your conversion rate over night. That’s an INSTANT 200% increase in sales or affiliate commissions! You can’t afford to stand idly by while everyone else is using this new technology!

Not only can you get more subscribers, but you’ll have a higher QUALITY LIST of active, verified subscribers who check their email every day. Who do you know that doesn’t check their Facebook email?

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If you need to increase leads and sales by magnetically attracting people to click your ads, then you need to download your FREE ChatPopBox Software …

ChatPopBox is a simple and easy to use software tool designed to increase sales and leads from any website or blog by effectively attracting people attention through a Facebook look-a-like Chat Box.

This FREE ChatBoxPop software is easy as 1-2-3 – Create your small chat text ad. Copy the code into your webpage or blog. Facebook look-a-like Chat Pop Box instantly attracts attention. It Even works with WordPress.

The day I started to use this software I have consistently added on average 50-60 new list subscribers per day and this number keeps rising.

Click the link to Download your FREE Covert Traffic Software.

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2-sheets-of-paperIf you have been on the Internet for any length of time you know that many “gurus” only give enough fluff to buy into their programs and then leave you scratching your head wondering what you just wasted your hard earned money on…?

Today, starting with 2 pieces of paper and a 17-page PDF that will change for you! The guesswork will be taken out of the equation. Learn how to generate a serious network of followers and finally learn how to monetize sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

These two sheets of paper could change your Internet marketing career forever.

Download the PDF Now: Social Media Strategies

These two sheets are used to make a couple of friends of mine $94,000+ per month on Twitter, Facebook and
YouTube.  These cheat sheets are brilliant and 100% FREE!  They even include videos to explain how to use them FREE too.  Click here to get your free copy now….

Perry has amassed an ARMY of 101,945 followers on Twitter in just 9 month and picked up an email list of 58,721 in the process.  All 100% Free!

You can do this TOO!

WARNING: If you don’t get started with social media soon it’s going to be too late. Stars are being born every day. Get Perry Belcher’s FREE materials now!

Here’s a little BONUS for you all too!  “3 Big Ways to Monetize Social Media

You can start making money starting today with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc. without ever being spammy, tricky or salesy!

But you have to pay attsocial-media-monetizationention right NOW!  Grab this free 17 page PDF now and prepare to be shocked by what’s is revealed in this short 15 minute read. It will ROCK you!

Claim your FREE copy here: http://e-bizreview.com/3ways

My good friend, Perry Belcher really spilled his guts in this one. He has single handedly built one of the largest Twitter followings in the IM industry.

Right now he has over 101,000 followers! That is unbelievable!

Not only is he amassing an army of followers, Perry is the only guy I know that’s consistently making THOUSANDS of dollars each month JUST from his social media fans and friends. After reading this quick report you’ll understand EXACTLY why.

Go get his report now that explains STEP-BY-STEP how he does it. This is a great FAST no-fluff read that could have easily been $97 but Perry is letting me give it to you for FREE!  This is the newest FRESHEST content of the year about what’s really working NOW! Get it before he changes his mind.

Download a copy right here! http://e-bizreview.com/3ways

P.S. Be sure to check page 13 for how Perry Grabs an extra 43,000+ per month as a bi-product of his social media clan.