Spend More To Keep Your Business Alive During The UpComing Recession?


If you own or operate a local business, you’re probably feeling the crunch from the economy. Everywhere you turn people are tightening their belts and trying to squeeze one more mile out of their dollar. It’s during these times that fortunes are made and lost for local businesses.  And it’s not what you’re thinking.

recessionYou see, studies prove that its during hard economic times that businesses should be spending the same if not more on advertising and marketing.

It might sound crazy…

But it’s true.  Check out this statement from All Business, a D&B Company –

“Study after study has delivered the same results: companies who pull in their resources and hunker down to ride out the economic uncertainties fall way behind when things get better. Those same studies show that companies, who aggressively pursue revenue in good times and bad, leapfrog over their competitors in the following years.”

So what this means is, don’t be afraid to spend some money on advertising during tough times.  And what you should do is take a look at what type of advertising or marketing will give you the best chances of survival.

You’ve got to find the methods that will offer you a nice return on investment (ROI).  You’ll have to pay attention to your advertising and where you’re best results are coming from.

Now more than ever, people are performing local searches on the internet before they venture out of their home to shop for goods and services.

They’re looking to find what they want online first, compare prices, and then head out to make a purchase.  You see, the public at large is paying attention to gas mileage, time, and energy as the economy is hitting them too.

That’s the main reason why local search should be an important part of local business marketing.  It’s cheaper than traditional advertising and when done right you get a much better ROI.

You might be wondering how to do it because you have no idea what local search advertising is and how to get it done.  And that’s exactly why local search directories are making it easy for your company to implement.

Local search directories are packed full of everything you need for your city and are highly optimized for your specific area.  What I’m saying is if you’re looking for a plumber in Minneapolis, you’re not going to find a plumber from Detroit showing up in these local directories.

What that means to you is when your potential customer is searching for “Minneapolis Plumber” they will find your business much easier because it’s targeted and optimized for those types of searches.

Ultimately that’s more money in your pocket for every advertising dollar you spend.  More and more searches are being conducted online before anyone  leaves their home.  And you should capitalize on it.

You need to get ahead of your competition and start getting listed in local searches before the technology and your competitors leave you in the dust.  The bottom line is… it’s here to stay.