So What Would You Do For Five Bucks? Review

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If you are reading this article, then you most probably are thinking of setting up a gig on Fiverr. But what is Fiverr and how does it work? More you are probably wondering how to make money on Fiverr?

At first glance Fiverr is simple; it’s exactly what it says, a community where people can offer to do something for $5.

Do Want to hire someone to design your business cards, teach you to speak Spanish, or create a video promoting your product or service for next to nothing? Now you can! Fiverr connects you up with people that are willing to do all sorts of useful things for five bucks.

The concept of Fiverr is very inventive and simply easy to get into. People sign up for a free account, then post what gig or service they’re willing to do for five bucks. They range from the very useful, like help with rewriting your resume, to the downright simple, “I will write your company name in the sand on the beach and send you a photo”. Likewise, if you’ve got a small but helpful service you’d be willing to perform for cheap, you can post your own gigs on Fiverr for FREE.

If you do not find a service you are looking for, you can suggest one with hopes someone will find it and offer to do it for you. Gigs are categorized by types of services. Gift Ideas, Fun & Bizarre, Graphics, Video, Social Marketing, Travel, Writing, Postcards, Advertising, Music & Audio, Tips & Advice, Business, Technology, Programming, Other, and Silly Stuff. So browse until you find what you’re looking for, or you can search by keyword for something specific.

You might think that the down side is that for each gig you only receive a 5 spot for your troubles, but this is where you would be completely wrong. Fiverr has a lot more depth than it appears at first glance. The biggest reason why most people fail to make money on Fiverr is because they just don’t utilize its full potential.

If all you do is create a gig and sit there waiting, odds are your gig will probably fall below the initial 2-3 pages of offers. This means no one will see your gig. Like most methods on the web, you need to market your gig to give it the most visibility. And there are many ways to do this, you need to be smart and drive as much traffic as you possibly can to your gig. This is the only method to truly take advantage of Fiverr’s potential to make money.

Amongst the other issues leading to success or failure is having a Title that gets people’s attention and makes people click through, a Description that makes them want to buy, and a Picture that works for your Gig.

This will get you business in the beginning, but your long-term success relies on delivering a quality gig, on time, and getting positive feedback. Without these, repeat business will suffer – and repeat business is the key to success on Fiverr.

The more people purchase for your gig and leave positive feedback, the easier it will be to make your gig “featured” meaning your gig will stay on the top of the first page where it can wait for more folks offering you $5. This combined with lots of traffic, is guaranteed to make you a success!

Like I mentioned earlier, if you really want to learn how to make money on Fiverr, then it is worth finding out the best tools to market your gig. It really can make you lots of cash, provided you know what you are doing.

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