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Thrive Landing Pages Wordpress Plugin

The success of your online business really depends a lot on just a few key pages on your site. The kinds of “conversion focused” pages, where you very specifically turn new visitors into email subscribers, members or customers.

What you’re about to see here is a new and incredibly easy way to set up conversion-focused pages like this, on any WordPress website. And the best part is: they are already pre-designed and conversion optimized for you!

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Discover the Fastest Way to: Publish conversion-optimized landing pages • Build your mailing list • Create awesome marketing pages & content

I’m s designer myself but I am guessing you’re not a designer and that’s why I’m recommending this plugin today. With this plugin, you don’t NEED any design skills – or technical skills, for that matter. You just load up a template, make a few tweaks and it’s good to go.

If there’s a faster way to get professionally designed, high-converting page published in WordPress, I don’t know it.

You Can These Landing Page Sets to Create Your Marketing Funnels.  What is a landing page set? As you’ll see in the gallery below, we don’t just give you a random collection of templates and leave you to it. With Thrive Landing Pages, you get sets of templates that work together logically and all use the same, carefully conversion optimized design language.

Click-to-Edit, Drag and Drop:  Enjoy a User Interface Built for People, Not Machines.  Click-to-edit anything directly on the page. Move any element with a simple drag and drop system. There are no extra layers of abstraction, no need to mess with HTML code, no complicated options and endless menu settings.

This means you can create flawless, high-converting and extremely polished looking pages that take your visitors all the way from initial signup to purchase, product download and more.​

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