Affiliate Cash in Realtime is here! Finally, it has happened affiliate marketing combined with the realtime web. This is for all my online marketing friends out there… I just found out that Tom Deeter has improved upon and relaunched his awesome realtime marketing software and training center (formerly known as the Twitter Method) now called Realtime Cash.

Even if you are tied up with another project and not ready to start something new, I recommend watching the free
videos anyway.  Its worth the time!  If you are looking or some quick cash, there’s a pretty generous “limited-time” BONUS with this system so you might want to check it out right away.

Go check out the 5 minute video to whet your appetite and have the realtime marketing concept explained. Trust me you’ll be amazed. I had some success with the Twitter Method and this new and improved version will only take that success to another level.

Check out this “realtime marketing” solution and let me know what you think.  Realtime Cash Quickstart


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