Pretty Link Pro WordPress Plugin


pretty-link-proI would like to recommend what I think is the best plugin of 2009 so far. This plugin is much more than a link shortener or link cloaker as some call it. With the Pretty Link Pro plugin for WordPress you can automate your entire linking strategy by shrinking, cloaking, sharing, and tracking your links. Whether it is in your posts or pages, on site or off site, everywhere you use links to promote your website, affiliate programs, products, and services this plugin does it.

Another added feature to this plugin is the ability to Tweet every post and page that you publish on your WordPress blog, All on autopilot. Plus, integrate a Tweet Badge inline with your post or page, it shows the count of your tweets and has a retweet button that encourages your readers to retweet your content all the while in the background it is using your twitter account details. You have the option of where you would like it to show in your post or page layout. The text wraps perfectly around the badge giving it a seamless appearance. You can check out the appearance right in this post.

I use this plugin everyday and love it. It has simplified things while allowing me to have complete control over branding my own links.

Instead of ugly affiliate tracking links you will now have you own custom links with your own domain name. Here is an example: of a custom pretty link:

The Old Way –

(This is just a made up affiliate link but most tracking links resemble this format)

The New Way – I name it

As you are creating your pretty link you can also add keywords to that link. For example, you add the keywords “blog marketing” to your link. Every time the keywords “blog marketing” appear in any post or page it will automatically be linked to the pretty link your created. Talk about creating affiliate links on the fly!

You also have the option of setting the number of times a keyword link shows up in your posts or pages to cut down on looking to spammy.

Pretty Link Pro takes it another step further by allowing you to bulk add/edit your links. Download them into a spreadsheet (.csv) file to edit them or add more and then upload them back into Pretty Link Pro. This makes things easy for multiple site owners. You can upload your links to each site using one list for all sites cutting your time down drastically!

You can rotate multiple URLs and track your conversions to see what is performing the best for you. This will easily allow you to split test your links for effectiveness

I have used Pretty Link since the very first day it was released and for the past month and a half have been testing Pretty Link Pro for the developer Blair Williams before he made it available to all of you. Blair has created a plugin that solves a big problem that all bloggers face. Once you use it, you will wonder how you got along without it.

I give this plugin two thumbs up, If I had more thumbs I would put them up too. At least give the free version of Pretty Link a try and then upgrade to unlock all of the tools that will make blogging easy. If you are an affiliate marketer and you have multiple blogs this plugin is a dream come true. There is no other plugin that I have used or have seen that does so much, Pretty Link Pro is in a class all by itself. With your purchase you will receive Free Lifetime Updates too.

I can’t wait to see what Blair comes up with next. I know I will be the first in line to try it out.

Go Check Out Pretty Link Pro at Blair’s site for more information.