The Offline Apprentice System Training

Finally, a COMPLETE Offline System

Swipe the Exact Blueprint of This 23 Year Old Nobody … Which Let Him Quit His Job In Just 58 Days Working with OfflineThe Offline Apprentice System Training Businesses.

Get Instant Access to a program that lays out every single strategy used. TOAST is divided into 8 modules, going into specific details about each category. These 8 modules literally teach you everything about getting clients, and how to provide services those clients are eager to pay you a king’s ransom for.

The program is called “The Offline Apprentice System Training” (TOAST).

Because that’s exactly what this is. You will be taught step by step and systematically trained in EVERY aspect of building a successful consulting business.

Module 1: How to Get Started – Critical elements you must know first, or you’ll be operating at the worst level of efficiency

Module 2: The Art of Client Getting – This module gives you essential tools to quickly get eager new clients, all with cash in hand and in need of your services. And you can do them with only small investments on your part…

Module 3: Easy Web Design – You will discover how to build simple websites fast, that business owners are willing to pay you big dollars for.

Module 4: Fast Start To Email Marketing – This module shows you how to harness the power of email marketing to expand your business and create streams of income for your client (who then sees you as the hero)

Module 5: Social Media – This could be a course in itself! This module focuses on using Facebook as it clearly has taken center stage in social media and has been changing really fast over the past year. These strategies make a powerful marketing vehicle out of using social media to get and promote your clients.

Module 6: SEO – How to use SEO to build your client’s website and get them higher results on Google and other keyword searchers – making them happier with your service and more likely to refer. This really the Big Kahuna – if you want to kit $10,000 a month… you need to offer this stuff.

Module 7: Internet Marketing – Use video, ezines, and articles to promote your clients website and command higher fees for your services.

Module 8: Outsourcing – Finally understand how to outsource properly. Avoid this deadly pitfall that happens to 85% of people who start outsourcing. Discover how to outsource simple and complex tasks that would consume large amounts of your so you can use more time making MORE money.

The modules are online, giving you instant access to the course and all the materials wherever you have an internet connection with a laptop or Ipad. Whether you’re on a plane, at Barnes N’ Nobles, a coffee house… doesn’t matter. Just log-in and you’ll have all the information, right at your fingertips.

Consulting is tough to go alone – there’s always a new question or concern around the corner. And I’m there to keep you up to date or answering questions.

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