Make Big Money With Affiliate Programs


affiliatesAre you new to affiliate marketing? If so, some preliminary explanations may prove helpful in your mission for becoming an affiliate marketer.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

With affiliate marketing you just simply embed your unique affiliate ID links on your web pages, Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and the many other social networking sites and if a visitor clicks on your link and and makes a purchase or signs up for a service, you earn yourself a commission.

If Affiliate marketing is done right, it can prove to be a very profitable endeavor. You will earn commissions anywhere from a few cents to thousands of dollars for just one click or referred sale.

Professional marketers build relationships with hundreds of affiliate programs and design sites to promote these products and services.

The Internet provides a lucrative opportunity for affiliate marketers to really expand their creative promotions and marketing. With millions of buying customers online, advertising and purchases keep growing at a breathtaking pace.

Make no mistake, affiliate marketing is big business, accounting for billions in sales and commissions every year.

Affiliate networks host thousands of products and services which brings affiliate publishers and advertisers together. The affiliate network provides all of the tracking, accounting and payment of commissions.

As a publisher you are provided text links, banners, videos, product feeds, landing pages, and mini sites to name a few.

The following is a list of the most common types of affiliate programs out there and my favorite Affiliate Networks that I have used over the past few years and will give you a great place to start.

  • Ad Networks – These networks allow you to add ads to your site that pay you per click through, cpm, etc.
  • Pay Per Lead – Programs that pay you for referring people to their site that signs up for something.
  • Pay Per Sale – Sites that pay a percentage of a sale when someone you refer buys something of their site.
  • Residual Income – Affiliate programs that pay you lifetime commissions for your efforts.
  • Contextual Ads – Ads are displayed on your websites’ pages, based on the content of pages people are viewing.
  • Pay Per Click – Sites that offer affiliate programs where they pay per click-through to their site.
  • Datafeeds – Affiliate Programs that offers datafeeds. Insert large amounts of products onto your site.
  • Business Opportunities – Sites that offer business opportunities, work from home opportunities, etc.
  • Popups and Banner Ads (cpm) – Get paid for every 1000 popup, popunder or banner ad impressions shown on your site.
  • PPC Search Engines – These are pay per click search engines that pay you per clickthru.
  • Multi Tier Programs – Lists a number of affiliate programs that pay you on three levels of referrals or more.
  • Other Programs – Sites that offer programs/affiliate programs that don’t fall into any other category.


PepperJam Network



Leading Edge Cash

Share A Sale

Link Connector

Affiliatebot Network

Logical Media

Google Affiliate Network

Commission Junction

Here is another great resource with over 100 Affiliate Networks.

To Your Success,

Travis Holzem