Linked Influence – How to Access 100 Million New Leads


Discover How to Harness the Secrets of Linkedin to Attract High-Quality Clients, Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Site or Land the Career Opportunity of Your Dreams

Are You Looking for a measurable ROI for your Social Media efforts?

Linkedin is the largest Social Networking site for Business Professionals looking to do more business.  With over 100 million members strong, Linkedin is the ANSWER to your online marketing & social media needs!

Why You Can No Longer Afford to Ignore Linkedin:

  • Linkedin has more than doubled in size in the past year with one user added every single second!
  • Executives from ALL Fortune 500 Companies are registered on Linkedin!
  • 45% of linkedin’s members are considered the major-decision makers for their companies.  (Twitter & Facebook account for only 24-29%!)
  • Linkedin holds the record for the Highest Average Household Income over all other Social Networking sites at over $109,000 per member!
  • There are no distractions!  On Linkedin, you’ll only find high-caliber individuals with a business mindset, focused on networking for results!

Linkedin is an ACTIVE online Business Community of over 100 million members looking to connect, network and do business.  Whether you’re a small business owner, entrepreneur or motivated professional,  you need a simple, step-by-step blueprint for maximizing your results on Linkedin

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… all from spending a few minutes a day on LinkedIn.

It made me realize that I need to start optimizing my own profile on LinkedIn immediately.  This is not hype, not a gimmick, not a joke.  It’s well worth a few minutes of your time to learn more.

Introducing Lewis Howe’s “Linked Influence”

Social Media That Works. One of the Biggest Opportunities in Social Media Today!


This is our Linked Influence Review.  If you’re looking for the official Linked Influence site,  just click the link below:

Linked Influence – Official Site

I’ve gotta admit – Lewis Howes Definitely knows what he’s talking about when it comes to LinkedIn.

When you think about it, LinkedIn is an under the radar GOLD MINE! Everyone makes such a huge deal about Facebook and Fan Pages and everything, but LinkedIn truly caters to the business market!  In fact, did you know that the average LinkedIn user makes around $82K a year?

Yeah. Thats Right!  Do you think they buy stuff? Absolutely!

What I wanted to do was give you a quick Linked Influence Review to give you an idea about what you will learn.

Linked Influence Review – What Is It?

Linked Influence is all about marketing yourself on LinkedIn – more notably how to promote yourself on this often overlooked and forgotten Social Network Community.

In Linked Influence, Lewis goes into great detail on how to set up your profile and what to include on your ‘LinkedIn Resume,’ However, he goes a lot deeper.  He teaches you:

  • How to do LinkedIn paid advertising (which is rumored to convert about 3 times higher than FB traffic…
  • How to create and maintain groups so that you can really establish yourself as an authority
  • How to get book deals and speaking gigs off of LinkedIn

Plus tons of other useful resources.

Linked Influence Review – What I liked

I like the fact that Linked Influence caters to business owners who are usually too busy to do a lot of social interaction.

It lays out a clear cut action plan about what to do, how to do it, and why you should be doing it.  For a busy business owner, that’s crucial.

Another thing I liked about it is the fact that you can sit down for a few hours and totally optimize your LinkedIn profile so it starts to promote you!

Linked Influence Review – So What I Didn’t Like about Linked Influence

Honestly, there wasn’t too much I didn’t like about Linked Influence.  It is a very well thought out and planned LinkedIn how-to course.  There are no fancy graphics or to good to be true ‘push-button’ software promising millions which was actually refreshing if you follow digital products at all.  It’s just rock solid information, delivered through PDFs and video.

Linked Influence Review – My Thoughts

Overall, I really like Linked Influence.  It’s the first LinkedIn course that is done right, with thorough explanation that a busy business owner can go in and get themselves set up and running very quickly.  There is really no need for a tech guy or someone going in and managing everything – just good, solid actionable content.

P.S. Remember, Social Networking is essential to your success as a Business Professional today.  Linkedin is your most-effective source for creating  Profitable Business Relationships, clients & customers.  LinkedInfluence is your Roadmap to accomplishing your goals!  Grow Your Network & Net-Worth With LinkedIn!

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