JEM All In One E-Commerce Site Builder Is The Answer!


JEM - The Best All In One Ecommerce Manager

Build a Full-Blown eCommerce Website Complete with Shopping Cart, Integrated Affiliate Marketing, Content Management System, Web Page Editor and More!

If you run an ecommerce site with separate functioning software platforms you know how much time it takes to learn each software platform, build up your sites and customize them for your business, set up your affiliate management software, set up a professional ecommerce style shopping cart. It is a daunting, time eating, task.

Once you get them all installed on your hosting account then there is all the little bugs you need to work out with programming and coding and making sure everything works seamlessly before you show it live to the public. Testing, Testing, Testing.

Here is where the fun really begins…What if you have questions about each one of these software platforms? You have to ask questions at multiple support sites and then wait for an answer from each one of them.

Long story short, short story long, it doesn’t matter! You will lose precious time and it could take days or weeks before you get the answers that will solve your problems. This will cause you to lose money!

I highly recommend JEM to consolidate your E-commerce business into one fantastic solution. I am in the process of switching all of my sites over to JEM because of the ease of use and it’s reliable software platform. Oh yeah! The support is very quick and responsive to your needs, not to mention the support forum where other JEM developers exchange ideas and solutions to make this software even better.

Here is a little snapshot of JEM:

  • Are you using 3, 4, or 5 different applications to manage your online store?
  • Are you paying hundreds of dollars for each and every single software application?
  • Do your customers have to login to all different pages just to manage their account

JEM addresses all these issues …. and more!

JEM was designed to incorporate the functions of several different software packages in one complete offering specifically to help you manage and maintain your online store from one application.

Here is the best part for those of you that would like to find a consolidated solution without having so spend hundreds of dollars just to test out the software to see if it will work for you. JEM has a Fully-Functional FREE version that you can download right now! Test it out and see if it works for you. It is about time these was an All In One Solution. JEM takes E-commerce to a whole new level.

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