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Today I thought I would tell you about a valuable tool that I use to increase my penetration into the marketplace. After trying other affiliate software, I wasn’t impressed, so I searched for a better solution and found JAM. You can’t beat the cost compared to other affiliate management tools. I am blown away with the ease of use and the bang for your buck. Currently I am using the software to run the affiliate program for my site KnockOutOdors.com and it has turned out to be the best affiliate software solution by far!

JROX.COM Affiliate Manager, also known as JAM, is an affiliate and membership management system. This system allows you to recruit, manage, and build an army of online affiliates that can help promote your products and services throughout the Internet.

Starting your own affiliate program does not require you to have a large marketing budget upfront. Most types of promotional marketing such as billboards, email ads, or even pay-per-click advertising require you to have a certain amount allocated beforehand in order to get started. With affiliate marketing, all you need is your website and the software to run your affiliate program, such as JAM.

Think of it this way: Having a good number of affiliates promoting your products all over the Internet is similar to having thousands of sales agents going door to door selling your products all over the country.

Easy Affiliate Signup and Management – JAM creates the affiliate signup forms as well as confirms the affiliate email for you. You also have the option to approve affiliates before they are allowed to login. Welcome Emails with their unique affiliate details for promoting your products are automatically sent to them as well.

Easy Commission Management – JAM’s commission management features makes your affiliate payments a snap. Once commissions are generated, you can login to JAM, approve them with one step, and create a mass payment file for upload to your payment processor, such as Paypal. It can all be done in a few minutes. You can even set an option to auto-approve your commissions at preset-intervals!

Wide Variety of Marketing and Promotion Tools – Promote your products and services through your affiliates effortlessly by giving them access to banner ads, text ads, text links, hover ads and so much more. And the great thing about this, all you have to do is create the ads in JAM, and the codes are automatically created for your affiliates in the members’ area.

Automatically Send Training and Motivational Materials To Your Affiliates – With JAM, you’ll get your own Automatic Follow-Up Module so you can send your new affiliates your very own training materials via email. Create a complete follow-up training sequence to email your affiliates every day, helping them to learn how to promote your products more successfully.

Analyze Your Affiliates Performance JAM gives you access to a number of reports and graphs for affiliate, website, and commission analysis. You’ll know exactly how your affiliates and your marketing tools are performing. 6. Create Pay-Per-Click, Pay-Per-Sale, Pay-Per-Lead, or CPM Tracking – JAM allows you to create different types of affiliate programs depending on what your needs are. These include Pay-Per-Click, Pay-Per-Sale, Pay-Per-Lead, or CPM(Cost Per Thousand) Tracking.

Integrates with Virtually any Payment Processor / Shopping Cart -JAM will integrate with pretty much any shopping cart, payment processor, or thank you page for commission generation.


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