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minneapolis-local-searchI am involved with a unique network that will help shape the future of local search and local blogs. We are building a world-wide network of local search and blog sites. You might have heard about the expansion of local search sites and the interest in hyper local search.

Its great to have a massive portal site like YellowPages.com, but when you are a local, you want local information. Real local information from your area. And not just directory listings of the local barber shop. We are talking local event news,local sports news, local nightlife, and local business news just to name a few, along with the ability to get your closest pizza restaurant address delivered to your phone while you are out and about.

Another problem is that big sites are trying to scrape their way to looking like they are on the ground when they are not. The only solution to this problem is people. You simply must have locals involved in generating content that locals want to consume. Local blogs and local search will not be successful without the real local flavor and information that locals actually seek.

It is easy to tell when someone isn’t from around the area. Having people on the ground generating ad sales and blog content that truly makes sense with your local targeted audiences and consumers is the only way local search will grab their share of the billions of local advertising dollars waiting for a reason to be spent online.

Thats what I think is the key to making the hyper local search thing really work. Blogs are the heart that drives the interest and traffic to such sites.   The problem is, there just arent that many around which arent fake local sites with scraped content to appear local when they really are not.  Heres a look into the future of hyper local search and blogging with some live blogs in our network.

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