How to Siphon off FREE Traffic from YouTube


Disgustingly Sick Google Tactic.  No time to spare… Just watch this video now before it gets taken down! youtube fool

Happy Black Friday!!! I want to get this Awesome FREEBIE to you quick so you wouldn’t miss out on this software that allows you to instantly tap into a source where 25% of all Internet users hang out on a daily basis?

According to the latest Alexa reports there’s one site where 1/4 of global Internet users hang out.  Think about that.  1,966,514,816 people are the Internet at any one time.  And this one source of massive traffic is where almost 500 million of them can be found.

Here’s what I’m talking about… Alex Goad and Mark Dulisse have just revealed an incredible piece of software that allows you to automatically build a huge following on Youtube – and this all happens on auto-pilot.

Here’s just some of what this thing can do:

  • It automates building your subscriber list, allowing you to build a huge following at light speed – then you can send your message to all of them with one more click…
  • It find subscribers of your subscribers and sends them an automatic friend request – you don’t have to lift a finger and your followers grow exponentially with each new user you become friends with (this is a bit crazy)
  • It automates all your posting, even comments to user profiles and videos creating a highly active Youtube account, again with you lifting a finger
  • Allows you to group your followers with tags and send different messages out to just one group or ALL OF THEM at the same time.

The fact is, this is the best YouTube marketing software I’ve ever seen and they’re giving it away.  But this page won’t be up long: