How to Manually Create a Video Sitemap and Submit It To Google

manually create and submit a google video sitemap

Do you create videos for your website or blog? If So, Then why not submit it to Google and take advantage of the huge amount of traffic from it. Right? I will show you how you can create Google Video XML Sitemaps and then submit them to Google, and then your videos will start showing up on the front page of Google for your targeted keywords. So How about we get right to it and Lets start:

So What is video sitemap, you ask?

A Video sitemap lets Google know all the relevant meta data about your video content. When the Googlebots visit your site, it tells them where the video is located on your server and what your video is all about through the various tags like:

* URL of page where video is embedded
* URL of the video file
* URL of your video player (if necessary)
* URL of thumbnail/preview image for the video
* Video title
* Video description
* Length of your video
* Video tags/keywords your video is targeting

So, a video sitemap optimizes your videos and helps Googlebots to understand your embedded video fully.

How to Create Video Sitemap for Google

1. As stated above, a sitemap has total of 9 tags, so be sure use following code to create a videositemap.xml file.

Download the Sample Google Video Sitemap Code

Note : The above code is for submitting 1 video only, if you are submitting more than one video you will repeat the above code in between the opening URL and closing /URL tags for each video making sure to provide all the relevant tags.

There is 9 tags you need to provide in your video sitemap and you can get detailed information about them here.

2. After creating your videositemap.xml file upload to the root directory of your blog. (public_html or public_html/yourblog )

3. After uploading your sitemap, sign in your Google webmaster page

4. Select your URL and in the left column, under Site Configuration click on Sitemaps.

submit a google video sitemap manually

5. Now, click on “Submit a Sitemap”, type videositemap.xml in it and then click on the “Submit Sitemap” button and you’re done!

google video sitemap submission

Now Google will be able to index your videos and show them in the search results.

Creating Google Video Sitemaps just got easier! Now use the Brand New Google Video Sitemap Plugin