How To Grow Your Twitter Followers Fast?


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Ok, there is twitter tool after twitter tool everywhere that says you can grow your Twitter followers fast. Does it really happen? Can you get 1000 followers a week as some say or even 100’s a day? I decided to try this new Twitter tool and report on my progress, good or bad.

So far I have had results in the 25-40 range on a daily basis. I do not promote myself heavily anywhere and I have just let the tool do its work, by itself.

With Twitter taking on a life of its own, it has Internet marketing pros going crazy looking for the quickest and most effective way to grow their followers and then send their targeted message to these followers. I will try to make that process as painless as possible by providing the best Twitter tools and resources that I come across in my daily Internet travels.

Give this new tool a try yourself and then let me know your successes or failures down below by leaving a comment. I am interested in the various results since this tool is only a week old.

Make sure to leave your Twitter ID @travis_holzem in your comment so you can gain a follower or two here at

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Twitter is the new revolution of social networking, online communications, mobile communications and has quickly filled in the missing gaps where others fell short. Right now is the time to get involved if you have not already done so, or be left behind.