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Would you like to be part of a new kind of local search network that is taking advantage of the holes in the market that has yet to hit its peak?

You, the little guy, can get in on what’s been, until today, reserved only for the few lucky people in the right place at the right time or the very wealthy who invest millions in start ups.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is some hyped up letter to sell
you bobbles and trinkets. I assure you, that would be a mistake of a lifetime!

The people who developed YellowBook.com, Skype.com, Digg.com, Google.com, Dell.com, Yahoo.com, YouTube.com, Myspace.com, Facebook.com or TechCrunch.com had never heard of anyone in the relatively tiny world of Internet marketing.

There are tens of thousands of people on the web who want to get a piece of big opportunity, yet they are all stopped dead in their tracks by “opportunities” which require that you personally learn tactics that take years to master.

By the time you catch up in skill level to take advantage of a real opportunity, the window has closed and only the people with the skills and understanding, who were able to jump in when the iron was hot, were able to profit.

“Closed door” opportunities are things you simply read about in the papers after the money has already been made. There was never a chance for the “little guy” to get in at all.

There’s nothing wrong with simply earning a living online! But…

What if you were invited to take action on an opportunity of a scope and size far larger than writing ebooks, affiliate marketing, MLM, or any of the other small-time, “work at home” business models peddled in the “Internet marketing” niche?

Every entrepreneur and investor has dreamed about having stock in Coca Cola, IBM, Google, Microsoft and other giants when they first went public. Everyone thinks about what it would be like to be offered a piece of “the next big thing” on the Internet in a billion dollar industry.

This article will not only let you in on a multi-billion dollar industry, but, for the first time, will show you how to be a part of one in a big, meaningful way. And most importantly, without having venture capital backing, a genius level I.Q., vast marketing or technical knowledge or any of the other things that prevent regular people from being part of something very, very big on the Internet.

Local Search: Power to the Little Guy!

Llocal online searchocal search is currently estimated to be a $3 to $4 Billion dollar industry. Major local search portals, and there aren’t that many of them, are all local business owners have to advertise on, along with Google’s surprisingly low share in the local search market.

“Local SEO Will Be One of the Bright Stories in an Economic Downturn”

Local search is being done almost completely wrong. It is set for an evolution that will triple or quadruple ad revenue in the coming year or two.

There is huge opportunity for growth in local ad spending. Local businesses are clamoring for meaningful opportunities to get in front of local surfers. Currently, There just aren’t many available yet that give them the quality exposure they seek at prices they can justify.

Yellow pages advertising along with local radio and television advertising are old mediums that often cost businesses more than they are worth in returns.

For years the experts have known the real opportunity for local businesses should be local online search. Yet nothing has been done to date that aggressively puts the power of the web in the hands of the average local business owner to attract hyper-targeted local buyers. Much of what they are buying on the few big local search directories is air, not leads.

Local businesses are clamoring for alternatives to traditional media advertising. They hear there’s a smorgasbord of opportunity in local search. They just need access!

The final, fatal flaw of almost all local search directories or networks today is that there is no local flavor.

The sites they’ve built are not destinations in and of themselves. They are simply references just like the big yellow pages book. They are used and left the moment someone finds what they’re looking for.

We know how to inject life into local search with our blogging and blog marketing expertise. Local bloggers will develop ongoing original content on music, entertainment, tourism, attractions and many other topics to make our directories attractive, sticky destinations rather than simple yellow page listings.

This is the future of search marketing and there is still a window of opportunity for an “average Joe” to get in on The Next Big Internet Opportunity.

I was one of the lucky ones to get in on this opportunity and now I would like to pass this on to you. It starts with The Directory Network Association (DNA) and I would like to invite you to take 10-15 minutes to learn how we are different from any opportunity on the internet today.

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