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StoreStarta is a WordPress plugin bundle that offers the simplest, fastest, and easiest way to set up an online WordPress store.

This plugin has been designed for those who have simplicity in mind and don’t want the headaches that traditional complicated online store themes provide.

Rather than a full-fledged Ecommerce solution in its own right, StoreStarta is designed to work with the Ecommerce solution you already have by helping you to integrate and display it using WordPress.

StoreStarta makes running an online WordPress store easy when you have two basic selling methods in mind:

  • sell products using 3rd party affiliate links, such as those supplied by providers like Ebay or Amazon
  • sell products using a 3rd party Ecommerce solution, such as those supplied by Paypal, Ejunkie or 2Checkout

When the supply chain of the products you sell is handled by a 3rd party like the one’s above, you don’t need a complicated approach to get your products into your WordPress theme so that potential customers can find them. You just want a clean, professional, and easy way to put your products out there in a hassle free way – and that’s where StoreStarta shines.

StoreStarta removes the complication of posting product information, product galleries, sale prices and mark down prices, and makes integrating your preferred affiliate link or shopping cart solution a cinch.

With StoreStarta you can:

  • add products as simply as you add any WordPress post
  • add any number of product images and have them automatically generate a product image gallery
  • select your primary featured image from your galleries
  • add custom text to your buy buttons on a product by product basis
  • add your sale price and mark down prices
  • set the currency symbol product by product (no more set currency symbol headaches!)
  • allow your customers to view your 3rd party shopping cart without leaving your own site
  • avoid having shopping cart functionality or a “View Cart” or “Checkout” button entirely, especially important if all you want to do is place affiliate links on your buy buttons.

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