This post was much longer than I expected but I am giving you my experience with this company hence the name of this site I am going to give you my professional and honest review of this site based on my personal 14 month experience.  When logging into to complete my gigs for the day on the morning of January 15, 2012 I was hit with this message.  This account is no longer active or was blocked.

I have taken this very personally after all the time over the past 14 months I put into their website as a Top Seller. The reason why is simple. I have been an extreme supporter of their service to the point where I  have recommended them to all of my followers and peers all over the Online Marketing Community. I even created a “How to Start a Business on fiverr” eCourse which would have drawn hundreds of new buyers and sellers to fiverr. Now it is only going to be tossed in the Recycle Bin because there is no way I could in good conscience recommend anyone become a seller on fiverr.

What I have discovered is that fiverr monitors every one of your keystrokes in every form you fill in and every email correspondence that sellers send to the “buyers of their gig”  and buyers send to “gig sellers”.

Now keep in mind if you need to conduct customer support for someone that bought a gig from you and live chat would be the most convenient and helpful way to do that, fiverr won’t let you do this. Why, because they need you to keep your entire conversation inside fiverr where they can keep track of every keystroke on their site.  Now, What if the customer wants something you do not offer on fiverr and it is a job that is way too rich to be offered on fiverr for 5 bucks.  You will just have to tell that customer you cannot communicate with them on fiverr and there is no way to give them your contact information because if fiverr finds out they will destroy your business.

fiverr does not treat it’s sellers as an asset to the community or look at the income the seller is bringing in every month to their website.  Instead, they are looking for any reason to ban you so they can keep your money. Instead of being able to provide great customer service via live chat with a paying customer, which fiverr does not provide you. They want you inside their site where they can monitor your communications.  What if it is a service that would never be offered on fiverr, what is the big deal to them.

When it comes to Level Advances and Seller Account Feature Upgrades you are judged by fiverr moderators and managers on your customer service, your sales, your feedback, traffic to your gig,  etc. They expect that the only way you can give customer support is through their website under their watchful eye. This enables them to monitor your every keystroke and spy on you while looking for anything that resembles an email address, social media profile name, skype user name, etc. The way you know that every keystroke is monitored  is because when type specific keywords their sniffing software will issue you a warning that you are “using a banned keyword on their site”.

Out of habit I added my email address when answering an email just like I do in my everyday life when responding to my many other clients that are not on fiver. OOOPS Guess What?…The warning message appeared, I deleted the email address and that was the end of it.  When I sent that email to my customer it was completely clean of any “naughty” keywords. I did not send the message with an email address in it or anything resembling one. Two days later I received an email from fiverr stating I was losing my Top Seller status for sending personal contact information in my email contacts.

See if they get a hit on a ‘naughty” keyword this gives their employees a reason to read your “private” seller email without your knowledge and then they will go through every conversation you have had as a member on their website. Nothing ever gets deleted permanently it just gets archived so they can continue to snoop into your private business correspondence with your buyers and potential buyers asking questions about your gig.

As a buyer or a seller you have no right to privacy on fiverr. They can play big brother and monitor what you do and what you say in running your business without your knowledge while they continue to take $1 from every sale you generate on their site.  Since they have free access to your accounts they can see how much money you have built up in your seller account. How Convenient is that? This is where the money you earn is stored until your transfer your earning over to Paypal.

If you look at the complaints against fiverr around the Internet. You will see a consistent trend in what fiverr is doing to it’s buyers and sellers.  They are targeting user accounts that have $100 or more, one seller I read about had $800 in their account. I personally still have $370 in my account but I have no access to it because fiverr blocked my account. One other thing to note. Now I cannot access my income record for the year. How am I supposed to keep track of my business accounting if my records have been hijacked. Every transaction that took place over the last 14 months is in my account. Why would fiverr keep those records from me?

Another alarming trend is that every seller or buyer I read about that was targeted by fiverr got the same canned response. Here is a copy of the response I got from fiverr.

We received a 3rd party complaint about copyrights and Terms of Service violations related to your account. Additionally, we have previously advised you about Fiverr editorial guidelines and Terms of Service violations.

We are unable to reinstate your account at this time.

Users who violate our Terms of Service and get their account permanently blocked can receive their revenues (if any) after a safety clearing period.

Please contact us again in 45 to 90 days. We will allow you to withdraw revenues you may have left in your account at that time, after an account verification process.

You can read more about our Terms of Service here:

Follow @FiverrHQ on Twitter for live site and service updates (This email is obviously a canned response that is easy for them to hide behind)

To this day, Today is January 20th, 2012 and fiverr continues to ignore my efforts to speak with anyone at fiverr to prove that I do not have any copyrighted material in any of my gigs. They absolutely refuse to respond.

I have been treated like a criminal by and they have captured my seller account with $370 in it which they say they will hang onto for 45-90 days and then I have a right to contact them.

fiverr is not a 3rd party payment processor or bank and fiverr is not Paypal, so legally they should not be able to hold it.  fiverr is playing games with the money it’s own users generate by selling gigs on their website.

How can you respect a company that treats it sellers like garbage and holds their livelihood hostage for 45-90 days?

fiverr is using these bullying tactics because no one has stopped them from doing so yet. They think they are too big for anyone to stand up against them. What they don’t realize is that “the little guy” is sick of getting pushed around by companies that think they are above you and they can treat you the way they see fit.

What is even more scary is that all the employees of fiverr have to do to get a hold of my money is to change my paypal payment address to whatever they want.  And then transfer my money to any account they choose.

Am I the kind of seller you want to screw over fiverr?

In 14 months I have never missed the delivery time on a gig. I have sold close to 800 gigs, my fiverr business is very valuable and it continues to grow every day. My feedback was excellent 99% on 800 sales is pretty Impressive if you have any brains. On my highest selling gig which I sold just a shade under 700 gigs I have 100% positive feedback. 100% Happiness. Repeat Business. Perfect gig for fiverr, right?

My account is still active and ongoing to the fiverr community I just do not have access to it. I am still receiving emails to my seller email account. Customers are still asking questions about my gigs because fiverr is still allowing them to be live. My current gigs that are still in the fulfillment process are now going past their delivery dates and I am getting the warning emails saying “failed to deliver on time”. I lose the money paid to me for that gig, plus I automatically get negative feedbacks in my seller profile. So now the reputation I built up over the past year is taking a hit and my business will be less profitable because I will look like I can’t deliver a gig when I say I can.

Why would fiverr kick a seller like that to the curb?  An extremely popular gig that 100% of the buyers love.  Makes you think doesn’t it?

Whether it starts from the top down, something shady is going on behind the scenes at and they need to be investigated. They have employees stealing from the the seller accounts on their site and they need to be investigated. That is why my account is still active. They are going to wait until all my funds are ready to be transfered and then they will clear my account out and there will be nothing I can do about it.

One thing that is clear. There is something intentional about what they are up to. You don’t throw out your “Top Sellers” with a fake accusations and then give them no opportunity to defend themselves against the accusations you are making against them. fiverr does not give you an opportunity to prove they are wrong. That looks like someone that is up to no good.

I have even tried to email Shai Wininger Co-Founder & CTO and Micha Kaufman CEO of and they are ignoring every attempt to contact them to make things right.

Why is that Fiverr?

I hope by bringing awareness to the Internet Marketing community that Fiverr plays by their own set of rules. Fiverr will shut the door on your business without giving you any chance to prove you are not guilty of the actions they are accusing you of.  They will keep a stranglehold on the money you have earned for 45-90 days because they feel they can. They can monitor all of your keystrokes. They can spy on your private business conversations. fiverr employees can look inside your private seller account whenever they feel like it without your knowledge.  They can easily change the personal profile information in your accounts even your payment address, all without your knowledge.

The Internet needs to know the truth about fiverr and how they are treating their users. How many fiverr users need to be stolen from before something is done about it.

If you have been treated unfairly by as a seller or a buyer, or you would like to help me spread the word about the intrusiveness of preying on it own members. Please leave your comments below and lets send a strong message to websites like that you cannot treat your users this way.



I was getting ready to click the publish button and look what came in at the last second

Email received today Friday January 20, 2012 and my account was blocked access to on January 15, 2012

Dear ebizreview,

You missed your estimated delivery deadline for order #73487268, ‘submit Your Video to 20 Video Sites Like Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo’.

Please note that if you fail to submit your completed work within the next 24 hours, bomx200 will be entitled to cancel this order.


The Fiverr Team


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And just so you do not think this is a one time event on Check out the many others that Fiverr has scammed in one way or another. Please share and leave your comments if you have had a similar experience with fiverr.