Don’t forget Jack Humphrey’s Offer!


20000I posted yesterday to tell you about an amazing deal that Jack Humphrey and Blog Success we’re offering until probably Friday, May 8th at Midnight. Free Blog Training

I say “probably” above, because I was told that if today goes like the last 24 hours, they won’t be able to last till Friday. Remember, building everyone a blog is labor intensive and Jack’s WordPress Ninjas are already feeling the pressure.  They know the value of your time and don’t want to take it for granted! They also know that once you take the time to check out Blog Success, you’re going to have an experience you’ve very likely never had before.

They promise to try to keep this open until Friday midnight, that’s just 2 days from now, and give away as many pro blog setups as possible. Free Blog Setup

What You’re Getting Today!

  • $600 value pro blog setup with the same plugins and addons Jack uses on his blog ‘Friday Traffic Report’.
  • 30 days to try out BlogSuccess and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.
  • Their famous “60 Day Plan” that sets you up for a major traffic surge. This plan is proven and they have tons of feedback from members that in just the first 5-10 days, their sites are getting 100-200+ unique, targeted visitors and growing!
  • Access to their full training system that shows you exactly how to develop killer, viral content, build linksand network on social sites, and all the insider tricks of real pro bloggers, in their own words, from Jacks interviews with them!

I could seriously go on for pages just listing out the benefits and goodies you get with Blog Success. They would probably have to if they weren’t letting you take a look for 30 days at no risk. Best thing to do is get a tour from Jack himself, in this video here.

And then lock in your blog setup so all you have to do is move into your new blog and get started on the fun stuff!

See You On The Inside,

Travis Holzem ~

P.S. Don’t count on Friday at midnight! They promised to try to keep accepting new members until then – really hard – but when Jack’s WordPress Ninjas say “no more!” They will have to pull this offer down.