Dominating Video by Alex Goad and Mark Dulisse


Dominating Video is a upcoming joint effort from veteran marketers Alex Goad and Mark Dulisse that will be available on Tuesday, November 30th. Make sure to follow the Dominating Video by Alex Goad and Mark Dulisselink below to the Dominating Video site to get your FREE YouTube software Tools called YouTube Fool that will be given away during the Pre-Launch starting on November 24th.

The use of video online as an essential marketing tool continues to rise in importance. Mark Dulisse has established himself as a leading authority on Search Engine Marketing and Video Marketing. His products, Dominating Google and the Google Video Sitemap, have been some of the most received products of the year. Alex has also created products covering a variety of marketing techniques including niche websites, eBay, CPA and SEO. Among his most popular products are Google Conquest and Commission Payload.

Dominating Video shows how to take advantage of new opportunities for traffic and profits for both the search engines and YouTube by using video.

Dominating Video by Alex Goad and Mark Dulisse

You might be asking how can you be sure that Dominating Video will help guide you through the process of making money online while leveraging video? After all, it’s not just your money that is at risk, it’s also your valuable time. How much time can you sink into a dead-end system that has no hope of ever making you real money?

Having leveraged online video for quite awhile now and having used resources by Alex Goad and Mark Dulisse gives me a unique perspective on video marketing and the Dominating Video product.

For these reasons you will not find a more relevant review of Dominating Video, stick around and by the end of this review you will have the answers you are looking for.

I want to start out by telling you that Dominating Video is backed to a 60 day, iron clad money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied, you can get your purchase refunded. No questions asked no, hard feelings.

Previous Products by Alex Goad & Mark Dulisse

I have followed Alex Goad and Mark Dulisse for about almost 2 years now. Both of these guys produce terrific courses that offer real value. This year, Alex launched two outstanding products. The one is a high quality WordPress theme (Authority Pro) that offers functionality like no other and the other product is called Rank Builder and it is a solid Web 2.0 software application that makes the process of link building the easiest of tasks.

Earlier this year Mark Dulisse released Dominating Google. This is a stand out product that combines hard hitting and relevant strategies along with unique WordPress plugins to increase your website traffic. Mark is also the man behind the Dominating Video product. He has been at the forefront of video marketing for more than 12 months and creates solid products that I am proud to promote and you should feel good about purchasing. (See Google Video Sitemap Plugin for WordPress)

In fact, I personally use many of the products mentioned above, they allow me the path of least resistance in my constant pursuit of more FREE traffic which equals more $$$. Bottom line is that these two guy’s produce quality stuff that can help you’re business grow in a positive direction.

So, both Alex and Mark create valuable products and you’re backed by a no questions asked money back guarantee. This really puts the pressure on those two (Alex and Mark) to deliver a top quality product that is trully worth more than the asking price.

So let’s talk about video marketing …

Actually, I want to share my personal experience with video marketing. And I would like to tell you how it has had a profoundly positive impact on many aspects of my online business; including affiliate marketing, selling my own online products, driving more traffic to my sites, increasing the size of my list and also hugely boosting overall responsiveness.

Video is a game changer.

Web video is a tool which should be leveraged by each and every marketer. The fact is, though, that most are either unaware or unwilling to take a look at what video has to offer.

* Want to drive more traffic?

Follow this video marketing advice and I can guarantee that you will drive more traffic.

* Want to build a list?

Video will not only increase the size of your mailing list but it can also increase the responsiveness of that list. Simple, Easy, Push Button Systems which YOU Could Be Leveraging Right Now to Drive More Traffic and Make More Money.

No matter what marketing skills you possess, you can be using video to drive more traffic in a matter of days. I implore you to see the power of video because it has had such a huge impact on my business.

There is no reason why you cannot duplicate what I have done. –> Dominating Video by Mark Dulisse and Alex Goad

One important thing I want you to understand is that video marketing and Dominating Video is not some magic bullet, it does require some effort. However, in return for video creation efforts you will obtain great results, results that speak for themselves.

Dominating Video Mark Dulisee and Alex GoadThe Traffic Path of Least Resistance (Video Marketing)

Traffic is the life blood of any successful online businesses. You must have the ability to drive traffic because without it, you will not be successful. It does not matter whether you want to sell other people’s products (as an affiliate), to generate advertising income (AdSense) or to sell your own products – you need traffic.

Google’s Universal Search Results – Several years ago Google introduced universal search. Instead of only showing normal webpage results, Google now combines new results, web results, blog results and, of course, video results.

Not only does Google include videos in its regular index, it often ranks videos highly, smart marketers have recognized this fact and are now using the video platform as the path of least resistance to EASY FREE TRAFFIC.

Fact is this, video simply makes driving traffic much easier.

With the custom plugins and tools that are included in the Dominating Video package, you can even drive people directly to your own website rather than to YouTube or similar video sharing sites. With all of the distractions going on once your visitor reaches these sites you will be lucky to get any traffic at all.

That last statement is extremely powerful and needs repeating..

You can drive people directly to your own website rather than to YouTube or similar video sharing sites.

Just how is this possible?

Mark Dulisse actually created a special WordPress plugin which automatically creates a Google video sitemap for any video hosted on your own site. Google video sitemaps are tools which you really need to be leveraging. Over the past few months I have been testing this video marketing strategy across multiple niche markets and my results have been no less than amazing, check it out. >>>  Google Video Sitemap Plugin For WordPress < <<

The video creation process is easy (even if you are unwilling to get in front of a camcorder, or use your voice).

I simply created a few videos, posted to my site with a bit of content and that was it, many of these videos now rank in the top ten of Google.

  • No link building
  • No social bookmarking
  • No social media marketing
  • No article submission

Video marketing has been a big part of my business for the past year now and it gives me a clear understanding of its power and how to leverage video for maximizing traffic with the least amount of effort. This is truly the path of least resistance and it is something you too need right way.

For those who are unwilling to put themselves in front of a camcorder, not a problem. You can create great looking videos that will drive traffic and get you noticed. These skills will be taught in the Dominating Video course and as part of my special Dominating Video Bonus offer as well.

I hope you are starting to see the power that video offers, those that are unwilling are losing out, plain and simple.

Do not get left behind, you can learn all about the very same video marketing strategies and tactics that I am using right now to grow my business.

Just What Will Dominating Video Cover?

Video Creation – Each member of Dominating Video will acquire the technical training needed for the creation and production of videos for online video distribution including flash, streaming, and downloadable formats. There will also be technical training on customizations of screen capture and website delivery.

Site Integration – Not only will you learn how to create videos, you will also be given the tools and instructions needed to get videos online quickly and easily whether your site is blog based or static in nature.

Video Marketing Strategies – Acquiring the skill to create and integrate video is a very small part of that which is offered with the Dominating Video course. You will also learn how to best use and leverage those skills in order to drive the most traffic with the least amount of effort. And that is exactly why I am implementing video marketing into my business.

I hope you can now appreciate just how important video has been for my own personal success. I also hope that you appreciate the tremendous opportunity and power that video offers.

I invite you to visit Dominating Video to see it for yourself and while you are there don’t forget to download your power suite of YouTube marketing tools called “YouTube Fool” for FREE! >>> Visit The Official Dominating Video Site Now