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To get a buyers list you need to sell a product, right?

Well Gavin and Jake from IM Cortex say you DON’T

They say they have found a way to get around two of the biggest obstacles in list building:

  • Problem #1: Traditionally, Building a Buyer List Is SLOW
  • Problem #2: You have to have your own product!

Now I’m still in the process of checking this out for myself but it looks pretty interesting.

Click the link below for more details:

Here’s what they’re saying:

  • How to get your own list of buyers incredibly fast and so easily it will make you slap your forehead with your palm that you haven’t been doing this the whole time. (been there!)
  • How to do this WITHOUT having your own product to sell, so you can get started even if you’ve never created a product before, or can’t write copy to save your life.
  • How to do this without even needing to generate your own traffic, so you need ZERO skills in
  • SEO, PPC, Facebook or anything like that.
  • How to start doing this with basically no money to invest

Does it deliver?

I don’t know – I’m still checking it out BUT I’ve spoken to Gavin quite a bit this week and he’s a very bright, very clued-up guy when it comes to list building…

…So my opinion is I think it’s worth checking out, especially for the price.

A buyers list WITHOUT needing your own product, without any SEO, PPC or Facebook skills AND without needing to generate your own traffic

AND ‘newbie’ friendly too…

Get more details by clicking on the link below:

So What Are You Waiting For? Share This and Discover the Secret to 857% Faster List Growth!

New WordPress Plugin Grows Your Mailing list Quickly and Easily!

I’ve just been testing a new WordPress plugin and I’m blown away!

Where do I even start…?

Alright, you know how everyone in Internet marketing keeps going on and on about how important it is to build a mailing list, right? I’m not going to repeat that stuff, because I’m sure you’ve heard it a hundred times already.

Well, building a mailing list just got A LOT easier.

If you’re in a rush, check out this new plugin right here:

Get The  Hybrid Connect WordPress Plugin

All of the professional bloggers add these neat boxes to their sidebars (and usually also to the bottom of the posts), where they advertise their newsletter and where you can sign up. The problem is: those opt-in boxes are not easy to create.

Sure, you can build them using templates in Aweber or whatever, but honestly? Those don’t exactly look sexy.

Well, this new plugin changes all that.

It comes pre-loaded with more than 30 (yes, thirty) awesome templates. But the best part is: it’s unbelievably easy to edit and customize those templates. There are absolutely no limits to how you can customize this thing!

And even better: it’s super easy to do!

Seriously, you have to see this, to believe it: Visit the Official Hybrid Connect Plugin Page

But here’s the thing… you’re thinking: oh ok, an opt-in box builder. Cool, but not very exciting.

Well, it gets better.

You can’t only build opt-in boxes. You can also build responsive, mobile-ready opt-in boxes!

Mobile traffic is becoming more and more important, as we all know. And you know what? Up until now, it was next to impossible to create a nice-looking, mobile-friendly opt-in box without the help of a professional web designer (read: gets real expensive, real quick!).

Well, with this plugin, you’ll have your responsive opt-in box ready in no time at all.

And there’s more: this plugin has a facebook trick up it’s sleeve that I guarantee you’ve never seen before!

Oh, and it also does lightboxes. You know, those pop-up things that get extremely high conversions for list building?

And it integrates with GoToWebinar, for those who do webinars as affiliates or vendors.

And you can add unlimited opt-in boxes anywhere on your WordPress site, with a simple short code.

And… well, you get the picture. This thing does more than I can reasonably explain in one email

It’s the most useful and insanely valuable plugin I’ve seen all year and I highly recommend you check it out.

Mobile Marketing With Mobile Auto ResponderYou’ve probably heard that the money is in the list. This can’t be said enough because it’s entirely true. If you build a list of prospects and customers, you have a way to tap into more traffic and sales anytime you want.

The traditional way was through e-mail marketing, where you’d build an e-mail list with an autoresponder that you would then send out e-mails to whenever you had a promotion, an update, a new sale, etc. going on. There’s nothing wrong with this. In fact, you’d be dumb not to build an e-mail list, but there are a few things you should be aware of first:

First, e-mail open rates are rarely high. A normal open rate might be 3% to 5%, while a great open rate is more like 10%. Anything higher than that is almost unheard of, especially as your list grows. This means that only a fraction of your e-mail list ever sees your offer.

Second, the deliverability of e-mails are rarely good even amongst the top e-mail autoresponders. Many of your prospects who might want to get your promotions never see them because it got blocked, filtered out, put into spam, etc. before they get a chance.

Lastly, if you’re sending a reminder about a webinar, limited time offer, a new sale, etc., it can take days for your e-mail subscribers to open, which might be too late.

Now, I’m still not saying to not build an e-mail list. You should! But on top of that, there’s a major push towards mobile marketing. More and more people are using cell phones (in fact, there are more cell phone users than internet users), and if you’re not building a list of mobile / cell phone subscribers, you’re losing out and will only lose out more in the future.

Here are some facts about mobile marketing:

  • Text message open rates are extremely high. Over 95% of text messages are opened and read. That means that more people will see your marketing message.
  • The deliverability of text messages is also extremely high. Almost every text message sent will end up on your subscribers’ cell phones. This means that everyone who wants to receive your texts and messages will get them.
  • The vast majority of text messages are read within the first 15 minutes of being received. That means that you can get your prospects and customers’ instant attention, as well as a great way to send reminders about webinars, sales, or limited time offers.

In the past, mobile marketing was something exclusive for larger corporations and businesses with deep pockets. After all, the minimums to get started could be in the thousands of dollars, and extremely costly with charges for every text message and every subscriber you have. And even with that, you’d need a top development team to manage one mobile campaign for you.

Now, the old days of high costs and limited functionality are over. With Mobile Autoresponder, a new mobile marketing service, you can build and manage your own list both online and offline for one low monthly fee for unlimited subscribers and unlimited text messages.Mobile Auto Responder St Paul Minnesota

You can build a list online by simply placing a special opt-in form on your website (or even on the thank you page of your e-mail opt-in form) to collect cell phone numbers to get subscribers to opt-in so you can then send text messages to them anytime you want. This is an awesome feature you’ll rarely find anywhere else except on expensive corporate campaigns (but not any more!). You can also collect mobile subscribers offline through the use of short codes (having subscribers text a short code to a short number to subscribe to your lists).

This combines the best of online and offline mobile lead generation through

Check them out today to get started. You’ll be shocked at how little it will cost you to get started with your mobile list.

Click Here to Check Them Out

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A lot of my visitors come to my blog looking for advice, help, and resources to start their own Internet business. In order to help you make more informed decisions I like Email Marketing $19/Month!to post reviews of the software, web services, e-books and other online resources I use to manage my business and educate myself.

Today’s topic is going to be focused on email marketing and a company I swear by, Aweber.

If you have been online for an extended period of time I am sure you have already seen someone writing about all the great aspects of Aweber. Just visit most internet marketing forums, and there is a very good chance that you will find lots of people talking about them. Also, if you look at email marketing comparison sites, they are always near the top of the list. Internet marketers are always looking for the latest and greatest ways to save time and money and still increase their profits. You will find that this company has been a consistently top ranked online marketing resource for over a decade.

What really stands out about Aweber is the comprehensive customer support they offer. It seems that regardless of how complex of a problem you have, or if your are a newbie, they are always quick to offer a helping hand. Have you ever bought something from an internet service provider, and then they seem to disappear? I can guarantee you will not have that experience with Aweber. Their support is always just a couple clicks away, and your problem can be solved in a short time.

Another great aspect of aweber is that the service is very affordable afford even for those on a tight budget. The basic plan is only $19 per month. And when you start having some success with building your subscriber list, and it start to really grow the next subscriber level is only about $49 per month. As you start to gain more and more subscribers, you will only pay for the resources that you use.

Making good money with list marketing can be very easy If you do it right. A successful list can make you money for many years to come. Just be confident in knowing that aweber has been around for a long time and they have increased their popularity because the customers that use their services love what aweber has done for their business.

To be a success you need to create profitable customer relationships for your business! AWeber’s email marketing tools like professional email signup forms & autoresponder services make it easy for you to build your email list and stay in touch with prospects.

Find out why over 80,000 businesses trust us to deliver their email marketing campaigns.

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If you’ve been around the Internet marketing arena for any length of time then I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “The Money Is In The List”…

While this couldn’t be more true…It’s one thing to TELL you that you need a list, but it’s entirely different to actually SHOW YOU how to grow a massive mailing list of active, responsive buyers.. and for the most part, they always seem to leave out that golden piece of the puzzle that puts it all together, leaving you confused, frustrated and scrambling to figure out why you are always failing to make it work.

Unless you start building your list, no matter how much time and money you throw into marketing your business, you will NEVER even come close to the profitability that a responsive optin list offers you.

Imagine having your own big list of people interested in what you are selling, with the simple click of a button you could generate thousands (even tens of thousands) of dollars in mere hours.

Do you know how many people are quietly earning a six or seven figure incomes from their optin lists? People like you and me, who are earning it from the comfort of their home, with no employees, no overhead and almost pure profit?

There are more of them than you think. Regular Joe’s (and Jane’s) who are housewives, bartenders, IT technicians, sales people, plumbers, and on and on.

These people… well, these are just regular folks who have decided they want some extra income and have turned to building their own list for pure profit (staggering profit). And the best part of all (well besides the money) is that you don’t need special skills or talent to build a highly responsive optin list.. you don’t…

All you REALLY need is a computer and an Internet connection! There Is No Faster Or Easier Way To Make Money Online!

The possibilities with with a highly responsive optin list are limitless – it’s up to you whether you want a five, six or even seven figure income. Whichever appeals to you most – it is ALL more than possible.

An Opportunity That Could Truly Change Your Online Business and How Much Money You Bring In Daily…Check Out This Brand new ebook “Viral List Builder” ~ The Basics it is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD right now.

This ebook should get you start on your way to building a MASSIVE optin list that will pay you over and over again for years to come…

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