Build A Highly Responsive Optin List On Autopilot


Successful online marketers understand how important it is to develop a strong, highly responsive email mailing list. Most online marketers need a source of contacts who are receptive to their marketing messages so that their businesses can continue to grow. This is why online marketers consider their email marketing lists to be their most valuable asset. You have heard the saying “The Money Is In The List”.

If you are running any kind of internet business and do not have a list, then you could potentially be losing thousands of dollars in new sales. You see, In order for any internet business to thrive, you will need to build an opt-in email list of targeted subscribers who are interested in what you have to offer.

Having your own list allows you to build up a rapport between you and your subscribers. This help you build trust, which leads to your subscribers buying from you.  Unfortunately, many newbie marketers take the short term, get rich quick approach, and do not think of the long term benefits a highly responsive email list will do for their long term future. You can continue to send offers to your list for many years to come.

Now if you have no idea how to start an optin list then this article will get you pointed in the right direction. I will lay out some helpful list building techniques to get you started the right way. List building is not really that hard if you follow these simple steps.

Free Giveaways – Come up with a Free Giveaway (ebook, software, email training course, etc.) on a topic  that is targeted towards the subscribers to are trying to capture. You can offer these free giveaways and let your visitors know that you have more great information to offer them if they take the report and subscribe to your list.  “So What Do I giveaway”?

A good way to see what is working out there is to watch what niche related products and services are coming to your inbox on a daily basis. If you see multiple people sending you emails for the same type of products and services you can be pretty sure those products are attracting buyers. Or you can search your niche in Google and look at the sites of top search results and the paid results to see what is working for them.

Create an Attractive Squeeze Page – You’ll need to first create a squeeze page to give away your free product. This page will need to have an optin form to capture your subscribers name and email address.  I recommend a paid autoresponder service like Aweber or Getresponse. Both of these companies are trusted and widely used.  For inspiration in building your squeeze page, Clickbank is a great starting point since or just do a search in Google.

Sending Traffic To Your New Squeezepage – Make Use of Ad Swaps and Joint Ventures. An ad swap or joint venture is an agreement between two webmasters in similar niches that promote each others offers to their optin lists nad followers. If you are just starting out and have a very small list this is easier said than done however, it is not impossible. For the most part ad swaps are normally exchanged between marketers with similar list sizes.

One way to get around the problem of having a small list is giving away a copy of your product to other list owners in exchange for sending your offer to their list. As long as it is a WIN/WIN situation for everyone involved you should be able to take advantage of Joint Ventures.

Free Traffic and Social Media – You can use your favorite traffic generating tactics to direct people to your squeeze page.  Blog posts,  article marketing, niche related forums, Twitter, and Facebook are just a few of the many traffic techniques you can use to get people to your squeeze page.

It is much easier to get visitors to sign up for a free product than it is to sell them something on the first visit.  In the past if you have tried building traffic with article marketing or some other method to make immediate sales and have found it difficult, don’t assume that the same will happen if you offer a free product. Conversions on quality FREE giveaways are much higher than those of one time close sales. The secret to building your list is to constantly test what works and what doesn’t. Before you know it you will strike gold and your list will grow into a massive money maker.

Keep Your List Happy – Now that you know that a list is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Keeping your subscribers happy is just as important. Your list is a treasure chest full of opportunities and when times get slow for your business, you can always fall back on your list.

The way to keep your list happy is by using the same methods you used to initially get these customers on your list. Give them free quality stuff from time to time, and reasonable product offers of great value.  Free stuff can be used during many different phases of your Internet marketing. Always keep your eyes open for something you can give away to both new visitors to your website, and your list. People really appreciate getting something for free.

Once you have built trust you can direct your subscribers through your sales funnel and start converting them on higher ticket items. The more trust you build up the higher your conversions will be.

Conclusion:  Do not make list building harder than it really is. There is tons of information out there about list building and you will eventually find your way. It just takes a little patience and testing to find out what works.

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