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twitter-mosaic-mugAs a business owner in today’s economy using the power of Social Networking with sites such as Twitter to connect with other businesses and customers in Minnesota and around the globe has become essential part of your business.

If you are not familiar with it by now, Twitter, is a social networking and micro-blogging tool that allows you to send 140 character updates to whoever is following your profile and to the public (global) Twitter stream. Although 140 characters may not seem like enough for meaningful information, you’d be surprised by how much you can fit into such little space. But, it’s the ability to have conversations with customers that makes Twitter extremely valuable to any ecommerce site.

A growing number of companies are keeping track of what’s said about their brands on Twitter. Comcast (CMCSA), Dell (DELL), General Motors (GM), H&R Block (HRB), Kodak (EK), and Whole Foods Market (WFMI) are among a handful of companies scanning Twitter to do everything from illuminate brands to provide customer service. The attention to Twitter reflects the power of social media in letting consumers shape public discussion over brands. The real control of the brand has moved into the customer’s hands, and advancing technology has enabled that.

It’s not just audience size that draws brands. People who use the site are likely to hold sway over others. A single message – known informally as a Tweet, sent in frustration over a product or a service’s performance can be read by hundreds or thousands of people in a matter of hours. Likewise, a positive interaction with a representative of the manufacturer or service provider can help change a consumer’s perspective for the better.

As you can see the power of Social Media can have a huge impact on your business both positive and negative. If used correctly it will become one of your most valuable assets.

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BizAid Tweetup is about to rock Twitter during the month of October. Below is a brief overview.getlistedHOME

BizAid Tweetup Details – BizAid Tweetup is a global 30-day “Twitter-based” event to provide all participating small business owners stimulus with free resources and awareness of quality products and services that will help them grow their small business.

Event Duration – 30 Days – October 1st, 2009 – October 31st, 2009

Sponsorship Opportunities Still Available.

Sponsorship of BizAid is perfect for most small business vendors. These would include accounting, hosting, design, marketing, business education & training, advertising, eCommerce, software, banking, programming, virtual assistant services, etc.

Sponsorship Benefits By sponsoring BizAid, you will get massive exposure to a targeted audience of small business owners on Twitter and on the BizAid event site for a full 30 days and beyond.

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