Autoblogged Plugin For WordPress


autobloggedIf you are looking to automate your WordPress posting I highly recommend the Autoblogged plugin. I am currently using it on for my local news and local sports feeds among other select daily updates for my blog there. It makes posting daily to multiple categories easy. You would never know that DirectoryOfMinneapolis is run by an individual and not a small company with a few employees to handle the workload. If you are struggling to come up with daily content the Autoblogged plugin will provide you with steady content on a daily basis. You pick the feed and Autoblogged does the rest. The following text is taken from the Autoblogged site to give you a more descriptive insight to this great blogging tool.

AutoBlogged is a powerful autoblogging plugin for WordPress that automatically creates blog posts from any RSS or Atom feed. Autoblogging is a great way to automate your WordPress posts so you can focus your efforts on earning money with your blog. With dozens of features, AutoBlogged is one of the most powerful autoblog software plugins available for WordPress and the best way to get automated blog content.


  • Image and video support
  • Custom post templates
  • Advanced post filtering
  • Enhanced tagging engine
  • Regular Expression Search & Replace
  • Create thumbnails for images
  • Override feed data with your own values
  • Supports many premium WordPress themes
  • Fully supports WordPress 2.7 and later

Furthermore, they have added a comprehensive online help, e-mail support, and customer forum to make sure you can quickly and easily get started autoblogging in WordPress!

You can use AutoBlogged to build a blog network, as an automated video blog, to create topic portals, or aggregate RSS feeds. WP Autoblogs are a great way to quickly build keyword-dense content, earn money with your blog, and fully automate your blog posting.

Even better, automated blog content is an excellent alternative to domain parking. Rather than showing a generic parked page with spammy-looking ads, you can provide real content, get indexed in search engines, build page rank, and generate traffic. You will be amazed how fast your domain value will grow!

For more information and purchasing options click here to go to the  Autoblogged Site