Today I want to ask all my blog readers a simple question…Are you using your download pages to their full potential?

I bet I know the answer! I think most of us would have to admit that we don’t always spend much time on the download pages.

After all, we already made the sale right? We deliver the product and thank them. What else is there to do?
Well, actually a lot! Because most of us should know that it’s easier to get someone to buy another product after they just purchased one.
After all, that’s the point of one time offers right?

Well, now you can give your customers another chance to give you money, and also give them something extra just to say thank you.
Instead of me explaining it, just check out the information at: Try Bonus Manager

I have personally started using this, and I encourage you to have a look as well…

To your Success….

Travis Holzem

Download Pages Need Bonuses! Manage Your Bonus Offers Starting Today!

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