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Another unbelievable piece of content from Jack…

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Thousands of people were glad to see Jack Humphrey’s latest video on affiliate marketing  and making money with blogs last Wednesday. Today he’s doing it again with the exclusive and brand new “Blog Money Guide.”

Download here:  2009 Blog Money Guide

Here’s what people are saying about last week’s amazing video from comments on Jack’s blog:

“Terrific video…Thanks for the valued advice Jack”

“The info is so powerful, direct, and simple to
put in place that now we bloggers can have NO
EXCUSES for not making money from our blogs.”
-Robert K.

“Hi jack, another great informative video as usual.
Keep up the good work.”
-Andrew H.

“Thanks for this video Jack. It is the kick in
the pants I need to actually create a couple of
mini courses.”

“This is a great video, you make some very
valuable tips.”

“Great video Jack.I immediately went and implemented
the strategy on my salon blog. Even upgraded the blog
theme I was using to make use of the no-sidebar
feature that the updated theme had. Looking forward
to more great blog strategies.”

“Thanks so much for that priceless info. I’ve been
pouring content into my blog and getting spotty
conversions. I had an idea to do something like
this, but wasn’t sure how to do it and here comes
your video right on time.”


That’s just some of what people had to say last week about Jack’s video.

Today he’s released Part II of his training series, and I can’t believe he’s giving it away! If you’ve
seen his Authority Black Book, you’re going to recognize the quality of information here.

It’s a full guide called, simply, the “Blog Money Guide.” As understated as it sounds, it is packed
with actionable tips on generating real income from blogging.

2009 Blog Money Guide

I’m not sure what the deal is with Jack giving all this stuff away, but I am watching like a
hawk, as are tens of thousands of others, to see what he comes up with next!

Get your copy of the Blog Money Guide before we crash his server or something. If you were impressed last week, this is really going to impress you!

To Your Success,

Travis Holzem : e-BizReview.com

2009 Blog Money Guide

P.S. Jack is following up on last week’s video questions with this guide. It is part of the puzzle of generating income from blogging and it expands on what you saw last week. Download my brand new, free “Blog Money Guide” and find out how pro bloggers make so much money with their blogs. I guarantee you haven’t seen some of the tips in this guide before!

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